Unique Fee System

Chiropractic is different from medicine. We do not diagnose disease, medical doctors do. We are not trained to practice medicine, medical doctors are. We do not treat disease, medicine does. We correct vertebral subluxations, medical doctors have never even found one, or if they have, they did not recognize it as such. We find them because we are trained to find them. Physicians are not so trained. We do this because vertebral subluxations interfere with the function of the nervous system, thus preventing your body, your entire body, from working up to its fullest potential. We believe that alone justifies our existence.

Because vertebral subluxations occur in everyone and because they occur frequently, we have determined that we need to check our practice members at least on a weekly basis, unless our examination indicates otherwise. Seeing people every week is different. We are different.

Our fee system enables everyone to come in as often as is necessary. The first visit is the only set fee you have, an individual is $100, a couple is $175 and a family is $250 for the first visit and as long as you are coming in atleast once every 2 weeks WE DO NOT SET YOUR FEE! Every member pays according to their own financial means. We do this because your care is so important to us. While the system is designed to enable you to come in regularly, it is also dependent upon your coming in regularly. Initially we might recommend more frequent visits to get your nervous system working and adapting with more ease. We are able to have a system like we do because we expect you are going to come as often as is necessary to allow the nervous system to unwind and not have the stress stuck in your system interfering with proper function of the nervous system and then weekly for maintenance care. Coming in on that basis will support our fee system. The average person sees a medical doctor three to six times a year. If we expected to see you that infrequently, we would have fees comparable to that of a medical doctor. That would defeat our purpose, which is to make regular chiropractic care affordable.

More important, it would cause people to walk around with the vital life energy in their body being choked off for much longer than they should. How long would you want to walk around with interference in your nerve system causing your body to be less than it should? A day? A week? A month or two months, until it starts to give you problems? You surely would not want to wait until it’s too late. We think it should be as little time as possible but within a time frame that makes it reasonable for you to get here on a regular basis. Since you can not know if you are subluxated, and since it would be humanly impossible to have your spine checked every hour of your life, it makes sense to have your spine checked at least weekly.

So you see, the fee system and the philosophy work together in this office. There must be a cooperative effort on the part of the practice member and the chiropractor. Unfortunately, some people fail to see the relationship or they ignore it if they do. They may come in three or four or a half dozen times a year for a medical problem or its symptoms rather than coming in so that their bodies can reach maximum health. You deserve better than that. Along with the advantages that we offer you (giving as you are able, coming without an appointment, prompt attention) we ask that you meet your responsibilities (financial and frequency of adjustments). That way we can make this unique system work.

We realize that this approach is unusual, different from what you are accustomed to. Remember, this office is not a sickness-care office. We are not offering chiropractic because you are sick but because we want you to be free of nerve interference. We believe this care makes sense. If you want to be healthy and function at your best for a lifetime, then please make a commitment. We understand that for some people weekly care is a financial hardship. We would rather you pay us the equivalent of a medical fee three to six times a year and still come in weekly than to only come three to six times a year or whenever symptoms occur. You are too important.

So when you see the box on the wall, let it be a reminder that this is a joint effort on your part and ours, an effort designed to allow you and your family to maximize your health and well-being. We’re trying to do our part. We hope you will make every effort to do yours. See you every week!

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