Babies & Children Chiropractic Care

Can my children get adjusted?

Your child’s spine and nerve system can be analyzed and adjusted the day they are born. The birth process is often the first occurrence of subluxation. The trauma that occurs during the birth process can be severe. Th e medical intervention during labor is traumatic on a newborn’s spine and nerve system. From drug intervention of the mother to the extreme mechanical force of manual, forceps and/or vacuum extraction, the infants spine is dealing with tremendous stresses.

The best time to be checked by a chiropractor is at birth. Subluxation of the spine diminishes the energy or life force that travels the nerve system. Having your spine and nerve system checked and cleared of interference can help people of all ages, but especially children due to the extremely accelerated growth process. A clear nerve system is vital for proper function, communication and healing throughout the body.

When is the best time to see a chiropractor?

When is the best time to start brushing your teeth? It is obvious that waiting until you have tooth pain is not the best time to start brushing you teeth, right? Or waiting until you have a cavity. And yet if you wait until you have a toothache to start brushing your teeth does not necessarily interfere with the functioning of your being as a whole.
With interference to the nerve system and diminished life expression, your whole being is affected. Your heart, lungs, kidney, stomach, skin, metabolism, immune system, etc. can all be affected by interference.

So, when is the best time to see a chiropractor? The answer should be pretty obvious. From the day you are born. Most people don’t realize that Chiropractic care is possible for infants but having your children adjusted is the best thing for them as they grow and develop. Children also respond much faster to Chiropractic care since the areas of the spine that have locked (subluxation) have not been held there for very long. Adjusting children is also very light and gentle. Most kids love to get adjusted and will jump up on the table to get checked.

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