Once upon a time in the land of Tarrant county I was pregnant with número tres and began having ‘lots of pain in my pubic bone area. My Doula suggested I see a chiropractor, and recommended Dr. Rachel Whaley. We were a match made in heaven. We were both pregnant, 4 weeks apart, and established an amazing bond that only pregnant mommies can establish.
Rachel showed me the ways of Chiropractic care and I began bringing my two older children for weekly adjustments.
I strongly believe that my labor was so short because I had excellent consistent care during my pregnancy. I also feel very confident in saying my baby has reached all of his milestones ahead of schedule, due to chiropractic care.
My family will continue to see Dr. Whaley for regular adjustments and we will all live happily ever after!
The End

- Kacie P.

What’s not to love about the “Wellness Cafe”… Let me count the ways… Rachel Whaley is one of the most amazing people on the planet, not just a CHIROPRACTOR!!! She is sweet, pure, loving, kind and just an all around GREAT PERSON!! Now onto the relief… MIGRAINES AIN’T GOT NOTHIN’ ON THIS GIRL! There is only a careful concoction of over-the-counter meds that put a dent in the pain, but after seeing Rachel regularly they are very few & far between! Not to mention the massive/constant readjustment of my lower spine so that I can do a simple sit-up!! OH RACHEL, how do I love thee… smile

- Amanda H.

I have been seeing Rachel since the early part of my current pregnancy. I feel significantly better after my visits and am having less hip pain and almost no back pain (unless I lift something incorrectly). I love the atmosphere of The Chiropractic Wellness Cafe and visiting with Rachel. I can’t say enough great things about her and have referred may people to her.

- Jennifer K.

We love Dr. Rachel, all eight of us.We have been under Rachel’s care for a little over a month.I suffer from cluster migraines. They have decreased dramatically in the past few weeks.We all feel better and look forward to our weekly visits. I especially love that I don’t need an appointment. A real blessing for a homeschooling momma of six.Thank you for doing what you do.

- Shannon H.

I have Hypothyroidism and I started seeing Rachel with my husband and 11 year old son. One month after seeing Rachel and her working on the areas that correspond with the thyroid I took a blood test and they dropped the amount of medication that I was taking. This means my thyroid was producing more hormones without the medication. I would tell everyone that you should take a chance and try chiropractic, it cannot hurt! You might find that your overall health improves and allows you to have to place less manmade chemicals into your body. Try it, you have your health to gain!

- Kyla P.

I have been receiving chiropractic for a couple of years now on and off, but absolutely loved it during my pregnancy and birth! I would receive adjustments weekly sometimes twice weekly and would feel so much better in my body! My walking was improved and my sleep was improved! Rachel, we are thankful to you for adjusting our son after his tongue tie too. Your office is beautiful, your payment system is awesome, and you truly care about others.

- Amanda P.

Rachel Whaley has become such an important person to my family in such a very short period of time! The easy going atmosphere combined with a deep love and concern for the well-being of her patients is felt the minute you walk in. Now at 36 weeks pregnant I have been so thankful that I do not have to suffer with the pain and difficulty that many mommies have in the latter days of their pregnancy. Also the fact that TCWC offers such a unique payment system allows my family and I treatments that would not be possible in another practice. I am deeply humbled by the love and generosity exuded by this unique facility.

- Kayla W.

Dr. Rachel Whaley has been a gentle and loving guide on our wellness journey for more than a year now. Beyond keeping my little ones (5 and 2 1/2) and myself well-adjusted, she’s been a sounding board for my million questions, ranging from antibiotics, to baby shoes, to vitamins, to spinal cord injuries. There hasn’t been a single time she hasn’t given this mama her time and wisdom. Not to mention that she makes her services affordable, to allow everyone in the community the same opportunity to benefit. I credit her with helping restore my little girl’s hearing and avoid ear surgery, improving our immune systems, lessening the frequency and intensity of my chronic migraines, teaching me to listen well to my body, and overall improvement in our health. Not only are we all healthier, but she helps me to mother my children to a greater potential. Thanks, Dr. Rachel. You bless us in ways we can’t even describe.

- Nancy R.

I just found this amazing center 3 weeks ago and will be a life long member. Its very warm and family oriented. I was living in pain after chid birth and my body and mind just did not feel right. I called, and Rachel said come on over, just like that! I did, and like someone said, I left with a smile on my face. Rachel is a kind person, and a gentle chiropractor. I don’t believe a machine can fix your pain and she is not the kind of chiropractor that uses them. Her payment system is so helpful for my little family.

- Brandi D.

Rachel saved my life (or at least my head, neck and back) during my pregnancy. I get horrible migraines during pregnancy (and beyond) and Rachel helped out tremendously with them!! On top of that, she adjusted my little girl who is extremely picky about who touches her. Now she begs to go see Dr. Rachel and “get the popcorn out” of her neck!

My kids love going to see Rachel Whaley! She makes adjustments so comfortable and relaxing. My youngest(13 months) goes straight to her and just melts in her arms every time. I have always suffered from migraines, scoliosis and hip displacement but since being under regular chiropractic care I am almost pain free and only have 2-3 migraines a year. It sound silly, but I really look forward to my future labors because I know that I will have a chiropractor that is so homebirth supportive. Thank you Rachel!

- Nicole S

Dr Rachel was recommend to me by my midwife during my fourth pregnancy earlier this year. I was seeing another chiropractor but still feeling sore backed and hipped. So glad I switched! She is such a warm and beautiful person, inside and out, and an amazing chiro. My back and hips felt so much better after visiting her (and still do!). Her knowledge of the pregnant and postpartum body (also the baby, child and adult!) is evident. Can’t recommend her more, I’m forever a faithful fan!

- Marsha H.

Rachel helped keep my daughter from having to get ear tubes! She had chronic ear infections. Every time we went to the pediatrician we left with a script for antibiotics. At my daughter’s 1 year check she had no infection, no fluid! Her ears were perfect for the first time!

- Wendy S.

I came to the Wellness Cafe to get a Pregnancy Massage from Hannah. During the massage I voiced my concern about the possibility of a C-Section because my baby was “breech”. I had no idea I had entered the world of health and wellness and not just a massage thereapy session! Hannah introduced me to Rachel who spent her luch hour explaining how chiropractic care could help me during pregnancy. Who woulda’ thunk it!?! After a few weeks of adjustments and of course some fantastic massages my baby turned! Since then I have continued to be a patron of the Wellness Cafe and have felt the miraculous effects of that care. I can lift easier, stand straighter, and use my body to its fullest potential. I sleep better, breathe better and just FEEL BETTER!!! Thank you Erin for introducing me to Hannah, Thank you Hannah for Introducing me to Rachel, and THANK YOU Rachel for ALL you do!

- Adrianne G.

I came to Rachel as a last resort before giving into back surgery. The pain was so great I was limping, wincing and praying my way through each day. Rachel listened, was honest and the answer to my prayers! At first, I had to come see her two or three times just to make it through a week. After a few months, I added a 30 minute weekly massage session with Shelley. Between the deep tissue massage and chiropractic sessions, most of my days are pain free and I only come once a week! Now, instead of asking God for help with my physical pain, I thank Him for Rachel and Shelley. They are my answer to prayer.

- Rayleen S.

We started taking our son, Jude, when he was 7 months old to see Rachel Whaley. He had severe reflux and was on a very strong antibiotic 2 times a day to control it. Within one month of taking him to Rachel he was down to one dose of medicine a day. After the second month of him seeing Rachel he was completely off the antibiotics! She has not only helped our son, but my husband and myself. I injured by back so bad that I could not move without extreme pain after seeing Rachel several times I feel new again. We love her, and going to see her is part of our weekly routine. More than anything we will forever be grateful for her work on Jude allowing him to be off of the antibiotics.

- Amber S.

Our family has been seeing Dr. Rachel for about 6 weeks, but we can’t imagine how we got along before. I am pregnant with baby #4 and this is the first time I have seen a chiropractor while pregnant. This has been the best pregnancy yet and I have very little back pain now. With the other two pregnancies, I wasn’t able to do much of anything because the pain was so bad. Finally convinced my husband to go with us and he can’t stop singing praises about Rachel! What a blessing she is!! Oh and Anna said, “I really like when she tells me to hug myself and gets all my popcorn out.”

- Heather J.

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Dr Rachel was recommend to me by my midwife during my fourth pregnancy earlier this year. I was seeing another chiropractor but still feeling sore backed and hipped. So glad I switched! She is such a ...

- Marsha H.
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